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Smart Healthcare offers unique health and wellness services with a national network of Biokineticst, Dietitians and Nurses.  Apart from standard services, our unique programs are designed for the best outcome for you as an individual.

For businesses and funders, Smart Healthcare focuses on programs that are designed to energise your staff, reduce your risk of absenteeism, presenteeism and show a ROI.

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Smart Healthcare offers a variety of unique Vitality services for individuals, financial advisors and businesses to get the most out of their rewards program.


Get to Gold today! Do all assessments at your Local Planet Fitness, nationwide.  Members and non-embers welcome!  

All the Healthcare professionals within the Smart Healthcare network are qualified, registered and focus on positive outcomes for the patients    You are in trusted hands!  

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A World first in convenient, hassle free preventative care!

A LiveSMART Membership is the ultimate in preventive care for you  and your family!

Membership highlights:

  • A healthcare team consisting of a Nurse, Biokineticst, Dietitian and a Wellness Personal Assistant(WPA).
  • Convenient "house call" visits from your healthcare team at your home or office - 6 Appointment per year!
  • All professionals use the latest evidence based, non-invasive technology to give you the best view of your health.
  • On going support with any intervention/goal plans like chronic condition management, weight-loss program, sport and fitness programs, joint rehab etc.
  • Chronic Disease and Medication management
  • WPA to assist with on going assistant and support, health and wellness appointments, any Hospital Pre and Post Authorisations, Vitality online assessments and more.
  • Yearly Vitality or Multiply Assessments included in membership

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