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A Dietitian is an expert in diet and nutrition, and the only professional legally permitted to assess, diagnose and treat nutritional problems.  A Dietitian is the most qualified to prescribe lifestyle and sport dietary plans to help you meet your goals.

With Dietitians throughout South Africa, book now to improve your health and lifestyle.

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With biokineticist throughout South Africa, contact us to improve physical functioning and health care through exercise and modality.

Biokineticist use scientifically-based programs for final stage rehab, improve health and boost performance

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Manage your health with person specific interventions through our team of qualified healthcare professionals throughout South Africa

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Smart Healthcare offers a variety of unique Wellness services for individuals, businesses and Financial Advisors.

Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure!  Talk to us about effective wellness solutions available throughout South Africa.

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By 2020, the WHO estimates that three quarters of deaths worldwide will be due to chronic diseases.  Diet and inactivity play a huge part of the problem.

We provide Smart programs to kids of all ages to promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent or manage chronic diseases.

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Key members of an organization make daily  decisions that have a large impact on profitability, employees and a business as a whole.

Smart Healthcare has programs and services that help the individual understand what effects them in a positive and negative way to insure that they can perform at the best!

Smart Healthcare focuses on individualised programs and services to give the best outcomes for each person.  Traditionally, healthcare providers "tell" patients what they should be doing, not taking into consideration the challenges of day-to-day life and responsibilities.  

Smart Healthcare, though a network of dedicated and passionate Dietitians, Biokineticist and Nurses throughout South Africa, use a coaching approach with individuals to ensure gaols are reached.  

The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that by 2020, three quarters of deaths worldwide will be due to Chronic Diseases.  Most of which is manageable though simple lifestyle changes.  Smart Healthcare programs and services has a strong focus on early detection for early intervention and preventive care.

Focusing on prevention, instead of cure, drastically reduces the cost of healthcare for the individual, funders and population as a whole!  

Effective health and wellness programs within businesses is proven to boost company efficiencies and bottom line, which has a direct impact on the economy.

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